Features & Benefits

The Flexibility Pathway offers a comprehensive range of features to help your practice become a flexible childcare provider.

Session Management

Have full oversight on all sessions happening each day. See which children are booked into each session and which staff are working them, as far into the future as you have sessions running. Complete registers, accidents forms and view any session notes.

Rota Builder

Create comprehensive rotas as far in advance as you need. See staff requirements and contract hours. Flexibility Pathway will help you every step of the way, showing you how many staff you require for every session, letting you preview and publish rotas and send out notifications to working staff.

Staff Portal

A dedicated portal for your staff to use to manage sessions they’re working on and to confirm their availability for the future. Allow staff to manage their profile, add and track qualifications and communicate with each other.

Forecasting Dashboard

See in depth financial and statistical projections for your practice as long as you have sessions running.See breakdowns of where your bookings are coming from, how flexible your practice is and how much your staff costs are.

Staff Management

Register and manage all your staff members in to one place. Define roles, set hours, record absences and update qualifications.

Manage booking types

View the booked status of any session on any date and get a breakdown of Long-term and Flexibile capcacity. If you’ve got unused spaces, you can add them to the Parent App for flexible booking

Funded Hour Integration

Full integration with Funded Childcare Hours in accordance with your nurseries local authority.

Child Accounts

Create comprehensive rotas as far in advance as you need. See staff requirements and contract hours.

Multiple Branches

Register and manage all your practices branches in to one place.

Invoice Export

Export your nursery’s invoicing records to an excell spreadsheet.

Room Management

Manage your practice’s rooms and sessions. Set prices, ratios, age ranges and dates.

Excess Bookings

Offer unbooked childcare spaces flexibly to parents via companion app.


Flexibility Pathway is completely free. Stripe Account is required to take up card payment, with which fees may be associated.

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