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How much does Flexibility Pathway cost?

Flexibility Pathway is free to register for and use forever. If you want to take up front card payments you'll need to set up a Stripe Express Account which does have transaction fees associated with it. You can find out more about Stripe fees here.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to make and receive payments over the Internet. Stripe is used by millions of companies worldwide including: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber and Deliveroo. Find out more about Stripe here.

Does Flexibility Pathway include any learning journals?

At the moment Flexibility Pathway does not include any learning journals, however we are currently working towards journal integration in the near future.

Does Flexibility Pathway use Funded Hours

Flexibility Pathway currently accommodates the ability to allow customers to pay for childcare using their funded hours, these will need to be added to each child's account in accordance with your local authority. More in depth integration with the government's Funded Hours system is planned soon and the Funded Hour increase in August 2020 will be accommodated.

Can you add more than one service?

Currently you can only add one setting, however we are working on the ability to add more. When the feature drops, navigate to the nursery tab, the nursery info section then choose branches and add as many new branches as you need. To add a new service entirely you'll need to register for Flexibility Pathway again with a new email address. This feature should be available in April 2020.

Can staff see their hours?

You can set a member of staffs hours when you invite them into the system. In the near future we will be introducing a staff version of the system that will allow them to view their contract details, personal info, manage sessions they're working in and confirm their availability for rotas.

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Flexibility Pathway is completely free. Stripe Account is required to take up card payment, with which fees may be associated.

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