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I am looking for software to help with the running of my service

Flexibility Pathway is a free to use childcare service management tool. Select below to explore how the Flexibility Pathway can help you become more flexible in your childcare model.

I'm a keyworker looking for childcare in my area

If you are a category 1, 2 or 3 keyworker and need childcare to enable you to work, register your childcare requirements to find providers in your area. This system is only available to households where all adults are keyworkers.

I run a childcare service with spare spaces looking to find staff

Enter and update your services available spaces for each age range and have keyworker families find your service. Find relief staff for your service.

I'm a childcare worker looking to find relief work

Enter and update your employment details and availability to allow service providers to find and offer you relief work.

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The First Step
to Flexibility

Flexibility Pathway helps services become flexible childcare providers, allowing them to offer excess childcare sessions flexibly, helping to maximise revenue.

Why Flexibility Pathway?

Eliminate the need for multiple softwares and subscriptions by using Flexibility Pathway, a robust nursery management tool available completely free from Flexible Childcare Services Scotland. With a comprehensive feature list Flexibility Pathway can be your  one-stop-shop for managing your practice on its journey towards offering flexible childcare.

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Find out more about how Flexibility Pathway can help you maximise your revenue by switching to a flexible model.

Manage Excess

Adopting a flexible model will help to reduce your excess amount of spaces by allowing your practice to offer hourly childcare slots to parents.

Hourly Bookings

Allow parents to book on an hourly basis, meaning you can fill up your capacity

Accreditation Scheme

Gain fully government recognised accreditation from FCSS to show your practice is a flexible childcare provider.

Funded Hours Integration

Full integration with Funded Childcare Hours in accordance with your nurseries local authority.

Parent App

Have your children’s parents download the system's companion mobile app to allow them to book flexibly from the sessions you provide.

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Flexibility Pathway is completely free. Stripe Account is required to take up card payment, with which fees may be associated.

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